Creating an AWS User for Redis Enterprise VPC

    Redis Enterprise VPC (RV) automatically manages your cluster and provisions instances when needed. In order for RV to be able to manager AWS resources, you must have an AWS account that is separate from your AWS application account and a user on that separate AWS account. Within that new AWS account, you need to create an instance role and a user with a specific policy. The user requires both UI console access and an Access Key so that RV can programmatically create and manage AWS resources on your behalf.

    Importing Data Into Your Redis Enterprise VPC Database

    You can import an existing dataset into your Redis Enterprise VPC instance. This article lists the steps required to share your dataset with Redis Enterprise VPC. You can import a dataset from an existing Redis server or an RDB file from various sources detailed below. You can also import a sharded database that has multiple RDB files by merging the files into a single RDB. Contact support if you need help merging the RDB files.