To view your database, select Databases from the menu. You see a list of your databases grouped by Subscription.

In this view, you see pertinent information about each database and some of its features. Since a Subscription can have multiple databases, you can add one to a Subscription by clicking on the "+" button below each Subscription table.

On the View Database page you see four important icons next to the title of the page:

  • The pencil icon is for editing the database
  • The trash can is for deleting the database
  • The arrow icon is for importing data into the database
  • The clock is for backing up the database (if backups are already configured)

To Edit a database, click on the pencil icon.


Edit a Database

From the "View Database" page of the database you want to edit, click on the pencil icon to edit the database. This view allows you to edit the database settings just as they were when the database was created. For detailed descriptions of every field, read Create a Database.