An RV Cloud Account contains all necessary credentials and information for an account with your cloud provider. This Cloud Account enables RV to create, manage, and monitor Cloud resources automatically on your behalf.

Once a Cloud Account is set up you can reuse it with several subscriptions.

Create a new Cloud Account

To create an RV Cloud Account, please select Cloud Accounts from the right side menu. Please follow our instructions on how to set up a user for RV to use on your AWS account. To create a new Cloud Account, click on the '+' button.

Please enter the following details:

  1. Account Name - Give the account a name so you could recognize it
  2. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - RV user's AWS access key
  3. AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - RV user's AWS secret key
  4. AWS Console User - RV AWS UI console user
  5. AWS Console password - RV AWS UI console user's password
  6. IAM Users sign-in link - This is the link you use to log into the AWS console (e.g.