Creating Databases on Redis Enterprise VPC (RV)

    Once you have a subscription, you can easily create a database in Redis Enterprise VPC by following these steps: Select Databases from the top right menu in Redis Enterprise VPC. Click on the + button to add a database to a Subscription. Protocol - Select whether the database will be Redis or Memcached Enter a Database Name that is up to 40 characters long; Enter a Memory Limit. Please take in mind that replication is on.

    Creating a Redis Enterprise VPC (RV) Cloud Account

    An RV Cloud Account contains all necessary credentials and information for an account with your cloud provider. This Cloud Account enables RV to create, manage, and monitor Cloud resources automatically on your behalf. Once a Cloud Account is set up you can reuse it with several subscriptions. Create a new Cloud Account To create an RV Cloud Account, please select Cloud Accounts from the right side menu. Please follow our instructions on how to set up a user for RV to use on your AWS account.

    Creating a Subscription in Redis Enterprise VPC (RV)

    A Redis Enterprise VPC (RV) subscription consists of a selected cloud provider (and respective region, e.g. "AWS - US-West-2"), architectural model, memory limit and feature set. You can have multiple subscriptions in different providers and regions, all easily managed from a single console. Prerequisites: AWS Account - RV is deployed into your AWS environment under a special account you create specifically for it. Cloud Account - RV relies on a user in AWS' Identity and Account Management (IAM) with specific privileges in order to create, maintain, and manage your RV cluster and databases.

    Deleting a Database in Redis Enterprise VPC (RV)

    Deleting a database is just as easy as creating one. Make sure that you are truly done with the database, as once you delete the database it cannot be recovered (except from your backups). Note: only users that are defined as Owners on the RV account can delete a database. Steps: Navigate to the Databases page from the RV menu Click on the database you wish to delete from the list of your databases.

    View and Edit a Database

    To view your database, select Databases from the menu. You will see a list of your databases grouped by Subscription. In this view, you see pertinent information about each database and some of its features. Since a Subscription can have multiple databases, you can add one to a Subscription by clicking on the "+" button below each Subscription table. On the View Database page you will see four important icons next to the title of the page:

    View and Edit a Redis Enterprise VPC (RV) Cloud Account

    To view or edit your existing cloud accounts please select Cloud Accounts from the right side menu. Select the relevant Cloud Account and click on that account's Edit button. In edit mode please enter or update the following details: Account Name - Give the account a name so you could recognize him AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - RV user's AWS access key AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - RV user's AWS secret key AWS Console User - RV AWS UI console user AWS Console password - RV AWS UI console user's password IAM Users sign-in link - This is the link you use to log into the AWS console (e.