Creating a Subscription

    A Redis Cloud Pro subscription consists of a selected cloud provider (and respective region, e.g. "AWS - US-West-2"), architectural model, memory limit and feature set. You can have multiple subscriptions in different providers and regions, all easily managed from a single console. Create a New Subscription Creating a subscription is a four-step process: Setup - Configure the general settings of the new subscription. Sizing - Describe the specification of the databases you want to provision.

    View and Edit a Subscription

    After you create a subscription, you can view the subscription details and change some of them, including: Subscription name Security access Payment method Viewing Subscriptions To view the details of a subscription click "Subscriptions" in the menu, and then click on the name of the Subscription you want to view. When you view a subscription, you can see: Subscription name (To edit the name, click ) Cloud provider details Memory type (RAM/RAM + Flash) In the Security section, you can define access to your Redis Cloud Pro account.

    Creating a Database

    Once you have a subscription, you can easily create a database in Redis Cloud Pro by following these steps: In the Redis Cloud Pro menu, click Databases. In the subscription where you want to add the database, click . Configure the database: Enter a Database Name that is up to 40 characters long. Protocol - Select whether the database uses Redis or Memcached. Enter a Memory Limit. Please take in mind that replication is on.

    View and Edit a Database

    To view your database, select Databases from the menu. You see a list of your databases grouped by Subscription. In this view, you see pertinent information about each database and some of its features. Since a Subscription can have multiple databases, you can add one to a Subscription by clicking on the "+" button below each Subscription table. On the View Database page you see four important icons next to the title of the page:

    Deleting a Database

    Deleting a database is just as easy as creating one. Make sure that you are truly done with the database, as once you delete the database it cannot be recovered (except from your backups). Note: only users that are defined as Owners on the Redis Cloud Pro account can delete a database. Steps: Navigate to the Databases page from the Redis Cloud Pro menu Click on the database you want to delete from the list of your databases.