While there is very little configuration of Redis Enterprise VPC required, there are some tasks that you can and may want to perform to tailor your subscription and databases to your needs.

    Configuring Redis Enterprise VPC Resources

    While there is very little configuration of Redis Enterprise VPC required, there are some things that you can and may want to do to tailor your database to your use case. Database Backups on Redis Enterprise VPC (RV) You can back up your Redis Enterprise VPC databases to a storage bucket of your choosing. This article explains how to create a cloud storage bucket and grant permissions to use it for scheduled and on-demand backups.

    Billing History

    This page contains a list of purchases, changes, and payments for the subscriptions you have in your account. If you have a question about billing, please be sure to supply the reference number from this list when contacting Redis Labs support team.

    Payment Methods

    On this page you can view and edit your account's existing payment methods, as well as add new ones to your account. Click the name of an existing method to view and edit it or click the "+" icon to add a new payment method.

    Setup and Editing

    Creating Databases on Redis Enterprise VPC (RV) Once you have a subscription, you can easily create a database in Redis Enterprise VPC by following these steps: Select Databases from the top right menu in Redis Enterprise VPC. Click on the + button to add a database to a Subscription. Protocol - Select whether the database will be Redis or Memcached Enter a Database Name that is up to 40 characters long; Enter a Memory Limit.

    System Logs

    This page contains events, alerts, and logs from the activities, databases, and subscriptions in your account. You can sort by any of the column headers, search through the system logs, as well as export all logs as a CSV file for use in other systems and programs.

    Account and Team Settings

    On this page you can view settings for your Redis Enterprise VPC account and team. You can add or edit your VAT ID, account's Time Zone, and New Relic license key. When setting up SSL/TLS for your account, you will be prompted to supply the downloadable Redis Labs CA Certificate from this page. Team Management To manage the team of people who have access to the account, click on the "Team" tab and you will be presented with the current list of team members on this account.

    Usage Reports

    You can view the number of gigabytes used by this account. You are able to filter the data by subscription, database, and statement month/year.