rlcheck is a utility that runs various health checks on an Redis Enterprise Software (RS) node, and alerts on any issues found. This utility can be useful to confirm a successful installation or to verify that the node is functioning properly.

rlcheck can be accessed from the operating system's command-line interface (CLI) and should be run separately on each RS node.

To run rlcheck, in the operating system command-line interface (CLI), enter the following commands:

  1. sudo su --
  2. rlcheck

The utility runs and reports the result of each check.

Note: rlcheck has several optional flags that can be listed by entering rlcheck --help. Most noteworthy is the --continue-on-error flag that enables running all tests to completion, regardless of whether an issue was encountered in one of the tests.

If any issues are reported at the end of rlcheck's execution, contact our support at support@redislabs.com.