CLI References

    Benchmark a Redis on Flash Enabled Database Redis on Flash (RoF) on Redis Enterprise Software (RS) enables you to use more cost-effective Flash memory as a RAM extension for your database. But what does the performance look like as compared to an all-RAM RS database? The two simple scenarios on this page illustrate what performance testing and results you can achieve with the RS trial version as it is free to download and test against.

    Procedures for Previous Releases

    Here you can find procedures that were used in previous releases. Updating SSL/TLS certificates for Previous Releases For version 5.0.2 Warning - If the SSL/TLS certificate/s were configured in RS 5.0.2 without using the REST API, but by updating the certificate/s on the disk, contact Redis Labs support before you upgrade the cluster to a later version as certificates are overwritten during upgrade. To update a certificate in the cluster, upgrade the cluster to RS 5.