Below is a table of which directories Redis Enterprise Software (RS) installs into and/or utilizes.

Path Description
/opt/redislabs This is the main installation directory for all Redis Enterprise Software binaries
/opt/redislabs/bin Binaries for all the utilities for command line access and managements such as "rladmin" or "redis-cli"
/opt/redislabs/config System configuration files
/opt/redislabs/lib System library files
/opt/redislabs/sbin System binaries for tweaking provisioning
/var/opt/redislabs Default storage location for the cluster data, system logs, backups and ephemeral, persisted data
/var/opt/redislabs/log System logs for Redis Enterprise Software
/etc/opt/redislabs Default location for cluster manager configuration and certificates
/tmp Temporary files

Note: At this time, changing the directories RS installs to is not supported.