Before you can install a module, it must be packaged to be used in Redis Enterprise Software (RS). There are two types

  1. Redis Labs pre-packaged modules - To download these modules, go to the Redis Enterprise downloads page. For more specific information on each module:
    1. RedisBloom
    2. RedisGraph
    3. RedisJSON
    4. RediSearch
  2. Custom packaged modules - For instructions on packing up any Redis module, see Developing with Modules.

Once you have acquired the package (it is in zip format) proceed to the next step of adding the module to Redis Enterprise Software.

Add Module to the Cluster

  1. Log into the Redis Enterprise Software web UI
  2. Navigate to the settings -> redise modules
  3. Click on Add Module button and navigate to where you downloaded the module package


  4. Click on the Upload button and notice the name and version


Create a new database that uses the Module

Note: Before you create a new DB with modules, we recommend that you upgrade the currently installed modules to the newest versions.

  1. Go to databases.
  2. Click Add and click create database.
  3. In the Redis Modules field, click Add.
  4. Select the module that you want to add.
  5. If you want the module to use a custom configuration, click Add configuration and enter the optional custom configuration.
  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Show advanced options and put 12543 for the port.

  8. Click the activate button