Developing Applications with Geo-Distributed CRDBs on Redis Enterprise Software (RS)

    Developing geo-distributed, multi-master applications can be difficult. Application developers may have to understand a large number of race conditions between updates to various sites, network, and cluster failures that could reorder the events and change the outcome of the updates performed across geo-distributed writes. CRDBs are geo-distributed databases that span multiple RS clusters. CRDBs depend on multi-master replication (MMR) and Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) to power a simple development experience for geo-distributed applications.

    Developing with Redis Modules in Redis Enterprise Software (RS)

    Note: Modules are not supported in Redis Enterprise Software on RHEL/CentOS 6.x Redis Labs Packaged Modules Redis Labs develops, certifies, and packages modules for use with Redis Enterprise Software (RS) clusters. The available modules are: RedisBloom Quick Start Developing with RedisBloom RedisGraph Quick Start Developing with RedisGraph Deployment Sizing Calculator RedisJSON Quick Start Developing with RedisJSON RediSearch Quick Start Developing with RediSearch Enterprise modules are pre-installed with RS.