Cluster License Keys

    The cluster key (or license) enables features and capacity within Redis Enterprise Software. You can add or update a cluster key at any time in a cluster lifecycle. When the cluster does not have a cluster key, the cluster is in trial mode. Trial Mode Trial mode is limited to thirty days and a total of four shards, including master and slave shards. Any new installation starts its thirty-day clock from the day the cluster setup was done (with the first cluster node provisioned).

    General settings

    You can view and set various cluster settings in the Settings > General page. Entering a Cluster Key After purchasing a cluster key and if your account has the "Admin" role, you can enter the key in the Cluster Key field, either during initial cluster creation or at any time afterward. The key defines various cluster settings, such as the maximum number of shards you can have in the cluster.

    Managing Cluster Alerts in Redis Enterprise Software (RS)

    The Settings > Alerts allows you to designate which cluster-level events trigger alert notifications. Note: For instructions on configuring alerts at the database level, refer to Database alerts. Certain alerts, such as Node failed can only be turned on or off. Some alerts require setting a threshold, such as Node memory has reached a certain percentage of its capacity. Configured alerts appear in the relevant Cluster or Node Status fields, in the Log page, and can also be sent via email.