When RedisInsight doesn’t behave as expected, use these steps to see what the problem is.

For additional configuration options, such as changing the default port, go to: https://docs.redislabs.com/latest/ri/installing/configurations/


To get detailed information about errors in RedisInsight, you can review the log files with the .log extension in:

  • Docker: In the /db/ directory inside the container.
  • Mac: In the /Users/<your-username>/.redisinsight directory.
  • Windows: In the C:\Users\<your-username>\.redisinsight directory.
  • Linux: In the /home/<your-username>/.redisinsight directory.
Note -
You can install RedisInsight on operating systems that are not officially supported, but it may not behave as expected.

We are happy to receive your feedback at redisinsight@redislabs.com.

Using behind a reverse proxy

RedisInsight should work fine behind a reverse proxy like Nginx for most use-cases. There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Since some requests can be long-running, we recommend that the request timeout is set to over 30 seconds on the reverse proxy.
  • Using path-rewriting, i.e, hosting RedisInsight behind a prefix path is not supported at this time.