RedisInsight Release Notes

    Bug fixes Fixed multiple issues in RedisJSON view in the Browser tool Fixed styling of JSON Rename ReJSON to JSON on Add Key Delete button is not shown on closed node in JSON Float strings were being considered as JSON strings and the user was not allowed to edit it (JSON object strings cannot be edited) Fixed a crash in the Configuration tool due to a JS bug * literal was not supported in the search bar in the Profiling tool

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.41

    Features Lazy loading for large JSONs in the Browser tool Bug fixes Client list: polling not being cleaned up properly when user navigates away from Client list tool Streams: Hide add entry button when no stream is selected. Streams: Added option to delete a stream Browser: Display message when searching members of hashes, sets, etc. doesn’t return any matches CLI: Visual bug Browser: Remove key from key list after it has been deleted owser: Add newly added key to the key list Fixed visual inconsistencies

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.42

    Bug fixes Error message while adding an instance mentioned db number as well. It has been removed now Streams: Adding new stream via the UI did not update the stream list Browser: Adding a new hash key with empty values would default to the values in the last added hash Browser: Scores for sorted set elements were being truncated to integers

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.40

    Features New RediSearch tool, which allows executing and visualising RediSearch queries. This is a preview feature, alpha quality. Not exposed to end users. Instance IDs are now UUIDs. This is a security improvement over using serial numbers Bug fixes Streams Tool: The time slider was not handing empty streams properly. The timestamps now show seconds as well, and in the same format as the slider Avoiding extra API call when a key is not selected Browser search bar was not responding if all keys in the redis database are loaded.

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.39

    New features RedisGraph tool A basic UI for running RedisGraph queries with a historic view of queries. Note: The RedisGraph tool is an alpha feature at this point and will only be enabled for a subset of early users. RedisJSON support in Browser Now, if the size of the JSON value exceeds a threshold, it will not be displayed in the browser, instead the user can download the entire JSON value directly as a file.

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.38

    Features Added support for viewing and editing RedisJSON values in the Browser tool Added support for using RedisJSON commands (JSON.*) in the CLI tool

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.34

    Role-based access control support When RBAC is enabled, admin users can control the permissions for other users. There are instance-specific permissions and global permissions. Instance permissions can be broadly classified into read and write permissions for each tool.

    RedisInsight Release Notes

    Bug fixes Added special handling for desktop mode in RBAC Enable GA only in production Removed full server reloads from the application Improved logging for memory analysis

    RedisInsight Release Notes

    Fixes Fixed a long-existing caching bug Compress static files Committed previously missed migration files for RBAC models

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.35

    Memory analysis bug fixes Fixed manual exit() call. Added proper error handling. Fixed RDB parsing bug Added support for streams Memory analysis eviction reports Added reports on keys based on LFU/LRU data extracted from rdb. Role based access control UI improvements New permissions are created automatically on instance or user addition. Replaced multiselect widget on Role admin panel page with checkboxed for permission fields.

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.36

    New features Added the Streams tool The new Streams tool has landed in this release, a specialized browser tool to work specifically with the new Stream data type added in Redis 5.0. Batched updates and multi-node updates in Configuration tool New it’s possible to group multiple configuration changes together and push them in one batch. Also, the batch of changes can be pushed to multiple nodes in the cluster, making it super easy to change configration in cluster nodes.

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.37

    New features Added two new bulk operations: Backup and Restore. These were previously part of the browser tool. Bulk operation now supports cluster instances (including Backup and Restore) Added support for Redis Enterprise (both standalone and clustered) Bug fixes Cached Redis connections now expire after a specific idle time Fixed UI bugs in the memory analysis dialog Fixed connection error handling in Client List tool Fixed cluster and sentinel badge not appearing for cluster instances in the main instances page.

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.32

    Free plan Free for a lifetime with usage limit applied on Memory Analyzer, Browser, Cluster Management, and Bulk Operation. Disabled SSL support in the free plan. Disabled S3 support for offline analysis from the free plan. Improved Elasticache support Improved error handling in auto-discovery of elasticache. Removed AWS Access and Secret Key option for security reason now only IAM role option is available now.

    RedisInsight Release Notes 0.9.33

    Cluster support improvements Ask for seed nodes when adding a cluster Added 2 cluster management alerts: Seed nodes don’t agree on cluster configuration All seed nodes are down Fixed “flickering” issue after a slave node is deleted. Minor bug fixes Skip already processed key in rename bulk ops CSS fix for update version dialog Handle case of unlimited instances for adding sentinel masters