RedisInsight is a full-featured Desktop GUI client for:

  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
Note -
For not supported operating system version, you can install RedisInsight for the operating system, but it may have unexpected behavior. We are happy to receive any feedback at

To install RedisInsight:

  1. Download RedisInsight for Desktop.

  2. Prepare the executable:

    • For Ubuntu - To make the downloaded file executable, run:

      chmod +x redisinsight-<platform>-<version>
    • For Windows and MacOS - Run the installer.

      Both the Windows and MacOS packages are signed and notarized.

      Note -

      Since RedisInsight 1.6.3, some on MacOS 10.14.x users have reported issues installing the application. If you encounter this, please let us know at A workaround for this issue is:

      1. Move the package to the Desktop and left-click on the file while pressing the Control key.
      2. A warning message is shown that MacOS cannot check the application properly. To proceeed, click “Open”.
  3. Run RedisInsight:

    • Windows - Open RedisInsight.
    • MacOS and Ubuntu - Run: /redisinsight-<platform>-<version>
  4. After the web server starts, open and add your first Redis database connection.