To view the details of a Flexible subscription:

  1. Use the admin console menu to select the Subscriptions command. This displays the Subscriptions list.

  2. Select the subscription you wish to view.

    The View Subscription screen for Flexible subscriptions.

Two tabs are available:

  1. The General tab summarizes the your subscription details, the cost estimate, and the payment method.

    General details include:

    Detail Description
    Subscription name A descriptive name for the plan; can be changed at any time.
    Runs on Either RAM or RAM+Flash
    Cloud account (AWS only) Descriptive name of the associated cloud account (Useful for organizations that manage multiple accounts)
    Cloud Describes the subscription cloud provider
    Region Deployment region details
    Multi-AZ Indicates whether replication is deployed across multiple availability zones within the region

    The Cost Esimate section describes the shards required to deply the subscription based on the choices made when the subscription was created.

    Payment Method shows the current payment details.

  2. The Security tab details current VPC peering and CIDR whitelist settings.

Changing a flexible subscription

Because Flexible subscriptions represent deployments to dedicated hardware, very few settings can be changed.

You can change:

If you need to change other settings, create a new subscription and then migrate the data.