To view the details of a Fixed subscription:

  1. Use the admin console menu to select the Subscriptions command. This displays the Subscriptions list.

  2. Select the subscription you wish to view.

    The View Subscription screen for Fixed (and Free) subscriptions. >}}

The following details are displayed:

Detail Description
Description Brief summary of subscription, including the plan type, cloud provider, region, and data size limit.
Name A descriptive name for the plan. Can be changed at any time.
Price Cost of the plan
Payment method (Paid plans only) Current payment method. Can be changed.
Memory size Maximum memory available for your plan.
Infinite auto-scalability
Multi-core Redis
Replication Checked when enabled for subscription.
Auto-failover Checked when enabled for subscription.
Data persistence Checked when enabled for subscription.
Connections Maximum number of concurrent connections
Dedicated databases Max number of databases allowed for plan
Security groups /
Source IP authentication rules
Number of supported security groups and IP auth rules
24/7 toll-free support hotline When checked, you can use the hotline for help at any time of day.

Change fixed subscription details

Once a subscription has been created, only a few details can be changed, including the:

  • Name associated with the description.
  • Payment method (paid plans only).
  • Plan tier, which changes the maximum memory, the number of databases, and other options.

To change the name or payment method, select the Edit icon ( The Edit icon ) and then update the info.

To update your subscription to a new tier, select the Change Subscription button while viewing the subscription details.

This displays the Change Subscription screen:

Select the target subscription from the list.

Here, you can change the plan type and the tier.

  • Fixed plans are either Cache plans or Standard plans.

    Cache plans do not support repliction, persistence, failover, or scalability.

    Standard plans support replication, persistance, auto-failover, and backups. However, these features require more memory.

    Standard plans are not supported for free subscriptions.

  • Each tier in a Fixed plan provides a variety of benefits, including increased memory, number of databases, connections, and so on.

When you change your plan tier, your data and endpoints are not disrupted.

If you upgrade a free plan to a paid tier, you need to add a payment method.

If you change your subscription to a lower tier, make sure your data (and databases) fit within the limits of the new tier; otherwise, the change attempt will fail.