Fixed Size subscription plans provide services designed for low throughput workflows. Several tiers are available, each designed for different memory sizes and integration requirements.

Creating a Fixed subscription is a two-step process:

  1. Create a subscription
  2. Create an initial database

When creating your subscription, you’ll need to know which tier to choose.

(If you’re new to Redis Enterprise Cloud, the quick start helps you create a free subscription and an initial database.)

Fixed size subscription tiers

Fixed plan pricing scales according to the memory size of all databases defined in the subscription. Additional limits also apply, as shown here (updated February 2021):

Max DB Size Number of
Max IP
Auth rules
30 MB (free) 1 30 N/A N/A
100 MB      4 256 1 4
250 MB      8 256 1 4
500 MB      12 512 1 4
1 GB      16 1024 2 8
2½ GB      24 Unlimited 2 8
5 GB      32 Unlimited 4 16
10 GB      64 Unlimited 4 32

The 30 MB Fixed plan is free; it’s designed for training and prototype purposes.

If you need additional resources, you can update your subscription at any time.

Step 1: Create a subscription

To create a Fixed (or Free) subscription:

  1. From the admin console menu, choose Subscriptions.

  2. Select the New Subscription button ( The Add Subscripton button ) to display the Create Subscription screen.

    The Fixed Size Plan section of the Create Subscription screen.
  3. When the New Subscription screen appears, enter your cloud provider details.

  4. Select your High Availability preferences.

  5. Select the desired plan size.

    To create a Free subscription, select the 30 MB plan size.

  6. Enter a subscription name and payment details (if prompted).

    Database name and payment details are needed for paid plans.
  7. Select the Create button.

The steps can vary slightly:

  • You aren’t prompted for payment details when creating a Free subscription.

    You aren't prompted for payment method when creating a free plan.
  • If you’re creating a paid subscription and haven’t previously entered a payment method, you’ll enter payment details after clicking the Create button in Step 7.

    The Add Credit Card screen appears when you create a paid plan before adding a payment method.

    If you cancel the Add Credit Card screen at this point, you return to the Create Subscription screen.

Step 2: Create initial database

After creating your new subscription, the Create Database screen appears.

The Create Database screen appears when you create a new subscription.

Here’s what you can specify:

Setting name Description
Database Name A name for your database (required)
Protocol Either Redis (default) or Memcached
Replication Enable or disable according to your preferences (paid only)
Data Persistence Controls when data is persisted to storage (paid only)
Access Control & Security Defines security policies; free accounts limited to password only
Data Eviction Policy Determines what happens when you run out of space.
Periodic Backup When enabled, defines a path for backups (paid only)
Modules Defines the module associated with the database, if any
Alert Settings Identfies when to send alert emails regarding database conditions.

For more info, see Creating Databases.