There are times where you want to delete all database data. In previous versions of Redis Enterprise Cloud, there was a button to perform this for you in the web UI. As more and more people use Redis Enterprise Cloud for their authoritative database, keeping that data safe is even more critical. So this operation was removed from the web UI so people did not accidentally hit it.

flushall for Redis Enterprise Cloud Databases

If you would still like to perform this operation on your database, you can, but it is from the command line using the redis-cli command or from your favorite Redis client.

Here is how to do it using redis-cli:

$ redis-cli -h <hostname> -p <portnumber> -a <password> flushall


$ redis-cli -h -p 12345 -a xyz flushall

Remember that this will delete ALL of the data in the database. This includes all data in memory and persisted to disk. So before doing flushall, it is best practice to backup your database first.