Redis Cloud Pro (RC Pro) API follows the principles of the REST architectural style to expose programmatic access to Redis Labs Pro features and capabilities.

Supported Redis Cloud Pro features

The API exposes programmatic access for management of:

  • Full lifecycle management of Redis Labs Pro Subscriptions and Databases
  • System Log for auditing lifecycle actions (create, update, delete) using
  • Hosting cloud provider credentials definition and management
  • Backup & import databases from various sources (e.g. AWS S3, FTP etc.)
  • Redis Modules
  • Alerts settings
  • Secure connectivity to customer system using VPC peering and CIDR restrictions settings

API features

The RC Pro API includes these features:

Getting started

  1. Enable your Account to use API
  2. Authentication and Authorization
  3. Create API Keys for your team
  4. Using the API
  5. The Processing and Provisioning Lifecycle
  6. Create and manage Subscriptions