When you create a Redis Cloud subscription, you must choose:

  • A cloud provider: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

  • The provider region

  • Redis Cloud service level:

    • Fixed - Set pricing designed for low-throughput applications
    • Flexible - “Pay as you go” plans for any dataset size or throughput
    • Annual - Predefined annual consumption commitments that provide substantial discounts over Flexible plans

    To learn more, see Redis Enterprise Cloud Pricing.

Create a new subscription

To create a new subscription:

  1. In the Redis Cloud menu, click Subscriptions.

  2. At the bottom of the page, click Add.

  3. Select your subscription configuration:

    1. Select a cloud provider: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
    2. Select a region for your subscription, such as us-central1.
    3. In the Redis Cloud service levels, select the memory or throughput limit for your subscription. To learn about your options, see Cloud Pricing.
  1. Update technical details:

    1. Review the subscription configuration.
    2. Update technical details according to your needs, such as Deployment CIDR and other values as prompted.
    3. Enter your Credit card information.
    4. Enter a name for the subscription.
  2. Click Create.

    The cluster for your selected subscription is created. You can change the name and credit card information of the subscription after it is created.

The subscription shows a “Pending” status and takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to provision. You receive an email when your subscription is ready to use.

Next steps

We recommend that you setup VPC peering with your application VPC. VPC peering lets you route traffic between your VPCs using private IP addresses for improved security and performance.

You can also edit these subscription settings after the subscription is created:

  1. Subscription name
  2. Payment information