On this page you can view settings for your Redis Cloud account and team. You can also:

  • Add or edit your VAT ID
  • Change the account Time Zone
  • Add a new Relic license key
  • Configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

When you set up SSL/TLS for your account, you must enter the downloadable Redis Labs CA Certificate from this page.


Team management

To manage the team of people who have access to the account, click on the “Team” tab and you will be presented with the current list of team members on this account.

  • To add more team members, click Add.
  • To edit an existing team member, click Edit.

Team members can have different roles to the account:

  • Owner - Can view, create, and edit any settings in the account
  • Member - Can view, create, and edit databases
  • Viewer - Can view all databases and their configurations (including database secrets)

Team management for GCP Marketplace customers

If you subscribed to Redis Cloud using GCP Marketplace, you can manage your team from the IAM section of the GCP console. To grant Redis Cloud access to a GCP user, assign one of these roles to the user:

  • Viewer - serviceusage.serviceUsageViewer and redisenterprisecloud.viewer
  • Owner - serviceusage.serviceUsageViewer and redisenterprisecloud.admin

Users must log in using SSO to Redis Cloud at least once for them to be added to the team.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

To reduce the chances of unauthorized access to the Redis Cloud Admin Console, each user can enable MFA to require an authentication code at login. The account owner can also enable MFA enforcement for all users in the account so that users cannot log in without MFA.

When MFA is enabled it forces users to enter their username, password, and an authentication code sent to them by text message or generated by an app on their smartphone. MFA authentication requires a phone that can receive text messages.

Using MFA for a user account

Each user can enable and configure MFA for their user account. The default MFA configuration sends an authentication code by text message that you must enter when you log in.

To configure MFA for your user account:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. In the menu, click on your name.
  3. In your user profile, click Multi-Factor Authentication.
  4. Click Activate Now
  5. Enter your mobile phone number and enter the confirmation code sent to you by text message.

Your account is now configured for MFA. When you log in to the Redis Cloud Admin Console, you are sent an authentication code by text message that you must enter.

To change the mobile phone number, click Configure for the text message code and enter the new mobile phone number.

Note -

We recommend that you also configure MFA for an Authenticator app as a second method of MFA. If you cannot login to your account because of MFA, contact Support.

If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, make sure that you update the MFA configuration to prevent unauthorized logins.

Configuring MFA for an authenticator app

After you configure MFA for text messages, you can also configure MFA to work with a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) app such as Google Authenticator. Then when you log in to the Redis Cloud Admin Console, you can select to use either an authentication code sent by text message or an authentication code shown in the Authenticator app for MFA.

To configure MFA for the Authenticator app:

  1. Install the Google Authenticator app on your phone from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Add Redis Cloud to the app:
    1. In your profile in your Redis Cloud account, click Multi-Factor Authentication.
    2. Click Configure for the authenticator app.
    3. On your phone, open the Authenticator app.
    4. Press the plus sign and press Scan a barcode.
    5. Scan the Redis Cloud barcode.

When you log in to the Redis Cloud Admin Console, you can do MFA either with a text message or the Authenticator app. If you do MFA with the Authenticator app, you must open the Authenticator app and enter the Redis Labs code into the Redis Cloud login.

Deactivating MFA

You can deactivate MFA for your user account. To deactivate MFA, go to your profile, click Multi-Factor Authentication, and click Deactivate.

Enforcing MFA for all user accounts

Account owner users can enable MFA enforcement for all users in their account. After MFA is enforced for the account, all users that do not have MFA enabled are required to configure MFA the next time they log in to the Redis Cloud Admin Console.

  • When you enable MFA enforcement, users cannot disable MFA for their account.
  • When you disable MFA enforcement, users can disable MFA for their account.
Tip -
We recommend that you send an email to all the Redis Cloud Admin Console users to notify them of this change before you enable MFA enforcement.

To enable MFA enforcement for all user accounts, the account owner must enable MFA enforcement in Settings > Account.