On this page, you can view settings for your Redis Cloud Essentials account and team. You can add or edit your VAT ID, account's Time Zone, and New Relic license key.

When setting up SSL/TLS for your account, you are prompted to supply the downloadable Redis Labs CA Certificate from this page.


Team Management

To manage the team of people who have access to the account, click on the "Team" tab and you are presented with the current list of team members on this account.

Team members can have different roles to the account:

  • Owner - Can view, create, and edit any aspects of the account
  • Member - Can view, create, and edit databases.
  • Viewer - Can view databases

Add/Edit a Team Member

You can easily add a new team member to your account. Click on the + icon to add more team members or the pencil icon on the right side of the form to edit an existing team member.

Team settings on Redis Enterprise

Delete a Team Member

To delete a team member it is just as easy as creating. For an existing member, hover over the member to edit. Click on the pencil icon that appears over the right side of the line to edit. Then click on the trashcan icon. Click Delete button to confirm.

Delete existing team