Redis Cloud Essentials is a managed, serverless, Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering.

It is based on the proven Redis Enterprise technology. With Redis Cloud Essentials, developers can select a supported cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure and create enterprise-grade Redis databases that are fully compatible with the open-source Redis clients.

Take advantage of the tremendous expertise of the team that develops open source Redis and relieve your operations team of any hassle related to managing and operating your mission-critical Redis deployments.


Infinite and seamless scalability

Grow your dataset to any size needed (beyond the largest cloud instances) without any downtime or limitation of Redis commands. Upgrade or downgrade by simply changing plan settings, without downtime and without needing to move your dataset between cloud instances.

True high availability

Enjoy high availability for your Redis databases, with continuous operation and zero operational effort. Redis Labs' proven technology provides true high availability for Redis deployments, safeguarding against all possible failure scenarios by utilizing efficient diskless in-memory replication across racks, zones, data-centers and regions, instant automatic failover, persistence (AOF or snapshot), backups and disaster recovery. Redis Cloud Essentials has demonstrated resilience over many years, providing hundreds of thousands of databases with continuous operation while withstanding hundreds of cloud outages, all without data loss or interruption of service.

Predictable high performance

Take advantage of the best performance in the industry using Redis Enterprise Technology that enhances Redis with numerous optimizations and hosts your database on the strongest cloud instances.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Reap benefits from the tremendous operational expertise of the team that develops and maintains open-source Redis and the professionals who manage hundreds of thousands of Redis databases daily. Monitor all your resources in real-time on the Status page. Enjoy our 24/7 support via online helpdesk or phone.

Encryption and authentication

Meet your security goals without compromising performance using Redis Cloud Essentials' fully encrypted SSL connections, and apply multi-level authentication mechanisms such as:

  • IP whitelist
  • Security groups (on AWS)
  • Client-based SSL authentication
  • Redis password

Fully Automated Service

Forget instances, clusters, scaling, data persistence/high availability settings and failure recovery. Select a plan and end your operational worries!

Multiple dedicated databases in one plan

Utilize multiple databases in a single plan, each running in a dedicated process and in a non-blocking manner.

Email Alerts

Receive instant notifications when memory or connection limits are exceeded, or latency, high throughput or low throughput thresholds are crossed.

No database connection limit

Use as many database connections as you want (applicable only for high-volume plans).