Getting Started with Kubernetes and OpenShift

    Redis Enterprise is supported on OpenShift Kubernetes cluster deployments via an operator. The operator is a software component that runs in your deployment namespace and facilitates deploying and managing Redis Enterprise clusters. Quick Start for Kubernetes and OpenShift A quick introduction to the steps necessary to get a Redis Enterprise cluster installed in your OpenShift Kubernetes cluster Getting Started for 4.x and the OperatorHub OpenShift 4.x provides the OperatorHub where you can install the Redis Enterprise Operator from the administrator user interface.

    Getting Started with PKS (Pivotal Container Service)

    These are the steps required to set up a Redis Enterprise Cluster with Kubernetes Operator on PKS (Pivotal Container Service). Prerequisites: A PKS environment installed on PCF version 2.4.6 or above and PKS version 1.3.3 or above. A PKS cluster with at least three nodes, each meeting the minimum requirements for a development installation in the case of a development environment. For production use-cases and large-scale POCs, use hardware recommendations for production environments.

    Getting Started with Redis Enterprise Software for Pivotal Platform

    This topic describes how to install and configure Redis Enterprise for Pivotal Platform (formerly Pivotal Cloud Foundry - PCF). Install Redis Enterprise for Pivotal Platform Sign in to PivNet and download the product file from Pivotal Network to your local machine. Navigate to the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard and click Import a Product to upload the product file. Under the Import a Product button, click + next to the version number of Redis Enterprise for Pivotal Platform.

    Getting Started with Redis Enterprise Software using Kubernetes

    Kubernetes provides simpler orchestration with containers and has been widely adopted. It is simple to get a Redis Enterprise cluster on Kubernetes with the Redis Enterprise Operator deployment. Redis Labs Kubernetes Architecture Redis Labs bases its Kubernetes architecture on several vital concepts. Layered architecture Kubernetes is an excellent orchestration tool, but it was not designed to deal with all the nuances associated with operating Redis Enterprise. Therefore, it can fail to react accurately to internal Redis Enterprise edge cases or failure conditions.

    Release Notes

    Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes Release Notes 6.0.6-6 (June 2020) Release notes for version 6.0.6-6 (latest) Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes Release Notes 5.4.10-8 (January 2020) Release notes for version 5.4.10-8


    Here are some frequently asked questions about Redis Enterprise on integration platforms. RS on Kubernetes Expand all What is an Operator? An Operator is a Kubernetes custom controller which extends the native K8s API. Please refer to the article Redis Enterprise K8s Operator-based deployments – Overview. Does Redis Enterprise Operator support multiple clusters per namespace? The Redis Enterprise Operator may only deploy a single Redis Enterprise Cluster per namespace.