RedisGraph 1.0.15 (March 2019)

  • GraphBLAS 2.3.0 release notes
  • WITH clause: Allows query parts to be chained together, piping the results from one to be used as starting points or criteria of the next. ref p.78
  • Enhancements
    • #393 Discard distinct when performing aggregation
  • Minor bugfixes
    • #359 Adding ORDER BY changes the number of returned hits when used in combination with LIMIT
    • #363 Remove graph entity property when it is set to null
    • #386 Return updated values on queries that modify data

RedisGraph 1.0.14 (February 2019)


RedisGraph 1.0.13 (February 2019)

Reuse attribute name to avoid duplication

RedisGraph 1.0.12 (January 2019)

traverse direction optimization to reduce number of matrix transpose

RedisGraph 1.0.11 (January 2019)

Removed OpenMP requirement Traverse from multiple nodes concurrently

RedisGraph 1.0.10 (January 2019)

Update indices when MERGE create new entities

RedisGraph 1.0.9 (January 2019)

Support for mixing MERGE and SET clauses Granular writer locking Fix graph serialization error in duplicate edge handling

RedisGraph 1.0.8

Index utilization when performing cartesian product

Increase usage of rm_malloc functions in module

Allow serialization of NULL-valued properties

Support for multiple relationship types

RedisGraph 1.0.7

Bulk-insert support unicode Bulk-insert better progress reporting Multiple relationship types

RedisGraph 1.0.5

Bulk insert supports ID specifying + relationships attributes

RedisGraph 1.0.4

  • Compact GraphBLAS, using structural semiring

RedisGraph 1.0.3

  • GraphBLAS 2.2
  • Multiple CREATE clauses
  • Multiple MATCH clauses
  • Bug fixes:
    • Replace operations appropriately when rewriting execution plan
    • Entity returned from datablock should have its internals cleared
    • Loaded triemap strings are not guaranteed space for a null terminator

RedisGraph 1.0.2

  • Bug fix #249 reset operation within execution plan should propagate upwards

RedisGraph 1.0.1

  • Resolved a number of memory leaks
  • Support ‘*’ within RETURN clause
  • Add TYPE function
  • Initial support for UNWIND clause