RedisGears 1.0.0 (May 2020)

This is the first GA Release of RedisGears (v1.0.0).


  • Program everything you want in Redis - With a built-in C-API and Python interpreter, RedisGears lets you use full-fledged Python scripts and libraries to process data inside Redis.
  • Write once, deploy anywhere - Write your functions against a standalone Redis database and deploy them to production clusters—with no changes required.
  • Run your serverless engine where your data lives - RedisGears lets you process events and streams faster by running in memory next to your data in Redis.

To get started please check out We plan to release a blogpost soon and will cross link it here.

Bugfixes (compared to RC1):

  • #288 dependencies with version will not crash the server.
  • #309, #313 Prevent crashes on RedisAI intergration and update the low level C api of RedisAI.
  • #311 Fix out-of-order reply in certain situations.
  • #321 Return error when unknown argument is given.
Note -
  • The version inside Redis will be 10000 or 1.0.0 in semantic versioning.
  • This version requires the Redis version to be 6.0 and above.