Modules add additional functionality to your databases for specific use cases. You can add modules to the database when you create the database.

Add modules to a database

Note -
  • Before you add a module to a database, we recommend that you upgrade the module to the latest version.
  • After you add a module to the database, certain database fields for the database are disabled according to the supported capabilities of the module.

To add modules to a database:

  1. Go to: databases

  2. Click Add and create database

  3. Configure the database settings.

  4. In the Redis Modules field, click Add:

    1. Select the module that you want to add.
    2. If you want the module to use a custom configuration, click Add configuration and enter the optional custom configuration.
      • RediSearch - You can find the configuration options in the RediSearch documentation.

      • RedisGraph - You can specify the number of threads to distribute the RediSearch queries to: THREAD_COUNT X

        By default, the thread count is the same as the number of cores on the node.

      • RedisTimeSeries - You can find the configuration options in the RedisTimeSeries documentation.

    3. Click Save.

    Here it is in action:

    You can repeat these steps to add additional modules to the database.

    Note -
    RediSearch 1.x and RediSearch 2.x are not supported for use in the same database.
  5. Click Show advanced options and enter a port number for the database, such as: 12543.

  6. Click Activate.