On the Cluster > Metrics page you can view detailed real-time graphs of various metrics for the entire cluster, as well as specific nodes.

You can choose which resources and metric to display in each of the two detailed graphs at the top of the page, as follows:

  • Below the top two graphs there are two groups of smaller graphs:
    • The first group displays all available resources: the cluster itself, and each of the cluster nodes.
    • The second group displays all available metrics, such as CPU utilization and operations per second.
  • In each of the resources graphs, clicking the left arrow displays that resource in the top left graph. Clicking the right arrow displays that resource in the top right graph.
  • In each of the metrics graphs, you can choose which metric to display for the two selected resources.

Thus, you can compare the same metric for two different resources.

In addition, the scale selector at the top of the page allows you to set the scale of the graphs' X-axis (time).

If you need, there is a definition of each metric.