You can configure RedisInsight with system environment variables.

To configure RedisInsight with environment variables:

  1. Follow the instructions to set environment variables for your operating system:

  2. Set the environment variables.

  3. Restart RedisInsight.

RedisInsight Environment Variables

The following environment variables can be set to configure RedisInsight:

  • REDISINSIGHT_PORT - By default, RedisInsight listens on port 8001. To have RedisInsight bind to a different port, set the REDISINSIGHT_PORT environment variable.

  • REDISINSIGHT_HOST - By default, RedisInsight binds to the IP address To have RedisInsight bind to a different host, set the REDISINSIGHT_HOST environment variable.

  • REDISINSIGHT_HOME_DIR - By default, RedisInsight stores application data (such as local database, log files and snapshot files) in ~/.redisinsight in your home directory on desktop and in the /db directory in the Docker container. To change this directory, set the REDISINSIGHT_HOME_DIR environment variable.

  • LOG_DIR - By default, RedisInsight stores log files in your home directory (REDISINSIGHT_HOME_DIR). To have RedisInsight store the log files in a different directory, set the LOG_DIR environment variable.