Redis Labs develops and packages modules for redis. The modules listed here are supported with Redis Enterprise Software (RS) clusters and Redis Cloud Pro (RC Pro). Non-preview modules are bundled with RS and RC Pro.

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RediSearch is a source available Full-Text and Secondary Index engine over Redis.

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RedisBloom module provides four datatypes, a Scalable Bloom Filter, a Cuckoo Filter, a Count-Mins-Sketch, and a Top-K.

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RedisTimeSeries is a Redis Module adding a Time Series data structure to Redis.

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RedisGraph is the first queryable Property Graph database to use sparse matrices to represent the adjacency matrix in graphs and linear algebra to query the graph.

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RedisJSON (Preview)

RedisJSON is a Redis module that implements ECMA-404 The JSON Data Interchange Standard as a native data type. It allows storing, updating and fetching JSON values from Redis keys (documents).

Custom modules are developed, packaged, and distributed by the Redis community. You can contribute to the Redis community with your own custom module and package the module for use with RS.