Administering CRDBs

    Conflict Free Replicated Databases (CRDBs) provide a simple and effective way to replicate your data between one or more Redis Enterprise Software (RS) clusters. Common uses for CRDBs include disaster recovery, geographically redundant applications, and keeping data closer to your user's locations. MMR is always multi-directional amongst clusters configured in the CRDB. For unidirectional replication, please see the ReplicaOf capabilities in Redis Enterprise Software. Note: CRDBs do not replicate the entire database, only the data.

    Unidirectional Replication with Replica of

    *Replica of* is a feature of Redis Enterprise Software (RS) where an administrator designates a database to be a replica (destination) of one or more databases (sources). Once you have done so and the initial data load from source to destination is completed, all write commands are synchronized from the source(s) to the destination. This allows you to keep a database (destination) that is an exact replica of a database.